DIGIMedical present : DreamDiVR

Therapeutic swimming with virtual reality.

Experience a tropical dip in the pool
And immediately acknowledge therapeutic goals


VR Comfort


DreamDiVR is a virtual reality diving goggle that allows you to experience underwater worlds, both on dry land and in the water.

VR Comfort


These VR diving goggles are particularly suitable for people with a physical and/or mental disability and their involved professionals.

VR Comfort


With DreamDiVR we offer educational and therapeutic programs. It can also be used as an aid in rehabilitation and complementary care.

VR Comfort
VR Comfort
VR Comfort

Experience: what do you get?

Take a tropical dive in it swimming pool, with the illusion of a underwater world. Experience a enhanced swimming experience with all senses, and choose from beautiful underwater images from across the whole world. Adjustable from calming to dynamic.


DreamDiVR offers support in achieving individual client goals. Achieve more by activation, relaxation, distraction and greater motivation. Stimulates physical exertion and personal grow. Continuously increase the effectiveness of therapy and care.

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